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Please Call (315)350-1334 with any Hardwood Flooring Questions
Sanding & Refinishing

Sanding hardwood floors is a necessary job if you want to maintain their beauty and prolong their lifespan. But if you’ve ever sanded floors before, you know that the process can be dusty, messy, and downright frustrating.

Let us introduce dustless sanding.  Dustless sanding is a special sander that's connected to a vacuum system. The vacuum will suck up all the dust created and send it through a dust containment system while you're sanding, making the process virtually dust-free. Dustless sanding is more expensive than regular sanding, but it's worth it for the benefits mentioned above.

Repair & Inner Weaving Hardwoods

We repair all types of hardwoods. Re can rip one board a stain or a whole house. Inner weaving is the art of cutting boards out to blend as the wood was put in previously. A few reasons to inner weave hole, water damage, urine, remove walls, add on to existing room and more. 

Staining & Coating

Staining is applied prior to applying polyurethane. We buff on stain for an even coat. Reasons for staining covering urine or other marks in the floor, a new look, match other floors and more. Every job we do we apply 3 coats of polyurethane do to our climate. Three types of polyethene satin, semi gloss and hi gloss.

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